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A short film by Paul Hopkins & Joel Suzuki

Take a risk. Forget regret. Give yourself a second chance."

Beautifully shot by Paul Hopkins (We are the Ones) and written by Joel Suzuki (Celebrate What's Right with the World), this powerful short is based on the story of the great American poet, Robert Frost, and the second chance choice he made before his first poem, The Road Not Taken, was published.

This film will provide trainers and presenters with a tool to inspire people to take risks and move forward.

The benefits of using this program include:

  • INSPIRATION Use the story to inspire viewers to take action.
  • MOTIVATION Use the story to motivate viewers to overcome setbacks.
  • CHANGE Use the story to encourage viewers to see change as a second chance opportunity.
  • DETERMINATION Use the story to help viewers take risks.
  • PERSEVERANCE Use the story to remind viewers to never give up.

“Everyone deserves a second chance. Not only those you work with, or the people in your family, but you too.

A second chance because you believe in you.”

Purchase Includes:

  • A Second Chance DVD (4 Minutes)
  • Training Guide
  • Worksheet
  • Faith Guide
  • PowerPoint™ Presentation
  • Transcript
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Release Date
Jan 1, 2008
Video Running Time (minutes)
Star Thrower
Featured Talent
Paul Hopkins
Presentation Style
Meeting Opener
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