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Strategies For Branding Exemplary
Customer Service

Do you know if your customer service is great, mediocre or poor?

Golf and the Art of Customer Service will help you analyze, create, develop, and implement a unified strategy that will result in your customer service being branded as exemplary.

This program, based on Robert Reiss’ book of the same title, notes the correlation of extraordinary golf pro Peter Belmont’s 4 key strategies of winning golf to the 4 key strategies that create exemplary customer service. The videos expand the book’s concepts, offering many more how-to steps to teach viewers how to implement them within any organization.

4 Key Strategies

    1. Act as One Grasp your organization’s vision. Bring it alive by communicating, working together, sharing, and executing its vision.
    2. Complete the Circle Identify specific processes and actions that will deliver exceptional customer service. Do every step right each time to ensure consistency and predictability.
    3. The U-Factor Find what’s unique about your customers. Connect with them and service them. Applied to co-workers, it helps create an enjoyable, harmonious workplace.
    4. The Show’s Right Here Create excellence by doing the task in front of you... now! Learn the skills that help you focus, be in the moment, and truly listen.

You don’t need to play golf to understand these strategies and their value. Great customer service is at the heart of customer retention. Consider the results of the following study which shows the majorreason why a customer leaves:

  • 1% - Customer dies
  • 3% - Customer moves away
  • 5% - Customer is influenced by friend
  • 9% - Customer lured away by competition
  • 14% - Customer dissatisfied with product
  • 68% - Customer turned away by an attitude of indifference by service provider

Golf and the Art of Customer Service - Healthcare Version shows Jack, a newly promoted Director of Customer Service, empowered by his Healthcare facilities’ president to enhance its customer service. By applying 4 key strategies learned playing golf, he attempts to develop a unified, patient-focused organization. Hospital scenarios demonstrate how he goes about it.

Package Includes

  • DVD (28 Minutes)
  • Learning Guide
  • Participant’s Handbook
Customer Service Essentials
Release Date
Jan 1, 2009
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Monad Trainers Aide
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