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Redefining Workplace Violence

While the media has focused on the spectacular but very rare instances of lethal workplace violence, the reality in most workplaces is very different. We deal with daily occurrences of hostility, intimidation, harassment and other damaging behavior.

The perpetrators are employees, managers and customers. So are the victims. They are us.

Unlike the rare, extreme cases, the more common manifestations of workplace violence take a daily toll on most workplaces. The Respectful Workplace is a resource designed to help organizations put an end to this other violence - the destructive conflicts that affect us all.

The Respectful Workplace is a 3 part training series designed to help organizations address the behavioral and values issues that can allow conflicts to escalate. The series treats workplace violence as an outgrowth of hostility, harassment, bullying and intimidation which has not been effectively dealt with and arms employees and managers with the tools they will need to ensure respectful workplace relations.

Series Contents:


  • Program 1 - Opening the Right Doors (25 minutes) teaches employees skills for dispute resolution and diffusing hostility. We learn to take responsibility for eliminating intimidation, bullying and harassment from our workplace culture.
  • Program 2 - Diffusing Hostility through Customer Service (25 minutes), takes a strong customer service training approach to the issue of working with hostile customers. Important communications skills are taught which will help employees turn difficult customer service challenges around. However, where abusive customers cross the lines of acceptable behavior, employees are empowered to put their physical and emotional safety first.
  • Program 3 - Managing Harmony (26 minutes), defines the role leaders must play in creating and supporting a non-violent, respectful workplace. We explore the organizational costs of inappropriate behavior, diffusing hostile situations, aligning policy and behavior with the organization’s values, how conflict can be a positive force, and the organization’s responsibility to provide effective avenues for dispute resolution.

Each program in The Respectful Workplace series includes several dramatizations designed to help focus and stimulate discussion. There are 10 of these scenes.

The Respectful Workplace series comes with a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide. Handout pages are incorporated in the guide. Trainers need only to decide which topics would be relevant for individual distribution and which to copy. The purchase of this series grants you license to make as many copies of the Facilitator’s Guide or the handouts as you need for your organization.

Guides & Workbooks

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