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How to Make Yourself and Your Organization Essential

How would people describe you? Would they use words like vital, significant, and valuable? If not, you may be lacking the presence you need for long-term success. This program provides inspiration, insights and instruction on how an individual at any level of an organization can create a strong personal brand that makes them - and what the organization does - matter.

Whether you're a person just starting out in a job/career, a mid-level manager, or a senior leader, you will not become essential unless you are proactive at making it happen. Using a variety of stories and examples, communication coach and consultant John A. Jenson illustrates three things a person can do to make themselves matter.

1. Design

Be so intentional and so strategic in the way you present yourself that people respond to you exactly the way you need them to.

This step isn't about trying to be something you're not; it's about solidifying who you are and "stepping it up". You should be able to summarize your personal design in one word and should lean toward stronger words like credible, decisive, compelling, engaging or professional. The key is to ask yourself: Am I willing to make this my standard? Will I hold myself accountable to presenting myself in way that is consistent with the word(s) I've chosen?
2. Package

You must develop a presence about you that will ensure people pay attention to you just by looking at you. This requires that you follow The L.A.W. of Personal Packaging:
  • Looks - Is the way you present yourself consistent with the standard you've designed for yourself?
  • Actions - What do you do? (Being "professional" is about you as a person, not your position.)
  • Words - Don't be a person who loves to talk, be someone who has something to say; keep it simple
3. Deliver

In times like these, just showing up doesn't cut it anymore... you have to deliver something of value.

Everyone's work, in some way or another, can positively impact the organization. People who see the part they play in helping the organization meet its goals, and who then consistently deliver their part at a high level, can't help but become significant.

The Make It Matter Personal Branding Workbook enables individuals to come up with their personal design, consider how their looks, actions and words match the standard they've set for themselves and determine specific things they will do to deliver at the highest possible level.


  • Enables individuals to present themselves and the organization at the highest possible level
  • Clarifies for employees how their contribution impacts the organization
  • Helps organizations develop people, increase accountability and build credibility

Program Contents:

  • DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Discussion Guide
  • Sample Make It Matter Personal Branding Workbook

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