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Get your top tips to avoid death (or serious injury) by PowerPoint with this brand new training program.

We've all sat through presentations that have left us shell-shocked, bored or baffled. A poorly delivered presentation can leave us feeling confused, and the presenter feeling dejected. A well thought through presentation can fill the presenter with confidence that they've got the message across in an interesting and engaging way.

Alan (Matthew Horne) is an old hand at presentations. He's given more than he cares to mention: and more than his audiences care to remember! Cue Christine (Sally Philips) to help him reflect on his less glorious efforts and help him think through his preparation, structure and style to ensure that everyone leaves his presentations understanding what he was trying to tell them.

This humorous training program looks at the fundamentals of good presentation skills: structure, slides and delivery.

The program, featuring Alan (Matthew Horne) and Christine (Sally Phillips), combines simple, engaging and relevant messages with humor to ensure participants will learn how to:

  • Structure an effective presentation
  • Use slides to support the points
  • Capture and maintain audience interest and attention. And, perhaps most importantly...
  • Stop the audience wanting to staple their ears closed!

Purchase Includes:

  • DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • Worksheets
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Self-Study Workbook

Everything you need to deliver the perfect presentation skills course or self-study resource!

As for the cat in the baseball hat - and any other illustrations you may be tempted to use on slides - remember you don't need gimmicks to make an impact.

Guides & Workbooks

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