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Reset & Re-Imagine™ the Future

The Age of Leadership™ is about connection. The world is undergoing a complete, deep and pervasive change, full of disruptions and uncertainty. What are organizations turning to for change? Surprisingly, most of them simply do not.

What are the actual results of this choice to stay safe? The numbers are clear. In the past 25 years, more than half of the global one thousand companies are gone.

Although some of these organizations consolidated, many of them simply failed. It’s a familiar story; talented people with great expertise. With so much capital in their own people, why did they fail to connect to their own best ideas?

Even as traditional management is failing, it is hard to change. What is needed is a radically new kind of leadership. This new leadership is about connecting, and sharing our knowledge is a completely new kind of culture of learning. The Age of Leadership reveals the new skills every leader must master in order to create anything new or to accelerate performance.

Key Learning Points:

  • Less is More (Say Less, Communicate More)
  • Share Authentically
  • Create a Culture Where Everyone Contributes
  • Thrive in a New World Without Equilibrium
  • Move Past Surviving Change to Collaborating Poetically Without Fear
  • Create Context Where Everyone is Constantly Learning from Everyone Else
  • Create Knowledge Sharing Flows
  • Learn from Young People on the Edge
  • Learn to Unlearn (the Central Theme for Change)
  • Design for Peer to Peer Learning
  • Rediscover the One Room School House Mentoring Practices
  • Create Your Own Virtual School Room
  • Shift from Scalable Efficiency to Talent Development
  • Move from Push to Pull: The New Economy is About Scalable Collaboration
  • Learn the Language of Leadership: Storytelling
  • Decenter and Live Someone Else’s Story
  • Subsume Your Ego

Program Includes: 22 Minute Film, 3 Minute Content Revue, Leader’s Guide, & Power Point Presentations.

Leadership and Management
Release Date
Jan 1, 2010
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