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Business Lessons from the African Bush

To succeed in this rapidly changing world every organization must consistently develop their talent. Each employee must feel connected to the goal of delighting and surprising all customers.

Every employee must give their best every day in order to create new value for customers and this talent requires a new kind of commitment from management to support them. 

 Discover surprisingly powerful and effective new skills from the African Bush. Based on a foundation of celebrating and using a new diversity awareness this program inspires and guides the audience through the process of learning how to exceed customer expectations every day.
In Challenging Times A Shared Focus on Exceeding Customer Expectations is More Critical Than Ever.

Take a journey on a jeep for a surprising visual and musical journey through the South African Bush. Hear stories and lessons from their unique language Fanagalo and discover a different way of seeing customer service. This musical training program will inspire every individual whether they are critical front line associates communicating directly with customers or management struggling to lead effectively in radically challenging times. This program combines passion with ten unique new customer service skills which inspires change.

It is No Longer Effective to “Push” a Message—Customers Are Smarter & Expect More:

  • Creating exceptional authentic customer experiences is not an accident.
  • Learn Surprising New Business Lessons from The Bush.
  • Discover how powerful exceptional authentic customer experience can be.

We All Win: Fanagalo™ reminds individuals that it takes passion, authenticity, rising beyond fears, and true collaboration to work together to exceed customer expectations.

Key Learning Points

  • Create Rainbow Organizations: Blend Diverse Voices into a Richer Customer-focused Vision
  • Connect with Every Customer to Offer the Unexpected
  • Understand Guest Experiences From Their Perspective
  • Give 100% All The Time
  • Create “WOW” Environments of Unique and Personal Experiences
  • Give People the Unexpected
  • Celebrate the Little Things that Make the Difference
  • Create Viral Storytellers Who Own Their Experiences and Share Them
  • Stop the Push. Don’t force your story on someone else.
  • Create Authentic Connection that Becomes the Story They Retell

This film is designed for areas of learning focused on:
Customer Service - Change - Innovation - Culture Change - Communication - Leadership - Knowledge Sharing - Motivation/Inspiration - Leading and Thriving in Difficult Times

Program Includes: 22 Minute Film, 3 Minute Content Revue, Leader’s Guide, & Power Point Presentations

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Improving Sales and Service
Release Date
Jan 1, 2010
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Guides & Workbooks

Download We All Win Customer Service with Authenticity - Info Sh
Download We All Win Customer Service with Authenticity - Leader&

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