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This entertaining and amusing program demonstrates the techniques for making demanding customers satisfied. Four realistic scenarios draw on the everyday experiences of front-line staff and the different characters they face up to: Mr Snappy, Mrs Picky, Mr Yappy and Ms Flash.

This easy-to-follow program shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers. However, when the staff adopt the PERFECT technique - being Polite, Efficient, Respectful, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Cheerful and Tactful - they manage to successfully change the outcome.

The effective mnemonic, ideal for role-play, makes these simple but effective lessons highly memorable. It is easy to adopt and put into practice at all levels across any organization that deals with customers and effectively integrates with and supports any customer care course.

Key Learning Points

  • teaches key customer care skills
  • will give all types of customer-facing staff the rules for achieving customer satisfaction
  • even when handling the most demanding people

Training resources include:

  • Demanding Customers DVD (25 mins)
  • Course leader’s guide (PDF)
  • Delegate worksheets
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Self-study workbook
Customer Service
Dealing With Difficult or Angry Customers
Humorous Customer Service Videos
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts
Featured Talent
Dawn French
Presentation Style
Humorous Presentation
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