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Tom Peters' Shape of the Winner focuses on the traits of the most successful companies.  What worked for the successful institutions during this technological revolution?  How are these organization structured in a way that allows them to compete with veteran billion-dollar corporations and win?

As Tom Peters explains, in order for you to adapt in this new age of business organization, you must have different goals and objectives.  The new leading companies are quality driven, customer service obsessed, technology savvy, and have few layers of management.  The old hierarchical way of running companies is no longer effective.

As you watch the program, you'll see how new companies like Wal-Mart have been so effective at surpassing old established industry giants like Sears.  They've done it not only by changing what they offer, but by improving the customer experience. Wal-Mart - and all these successful companies know that the customer should have a WOW experience before, after, and during the transaction.

This new business philosophy has allowed Apple to surpass IBM and Honda to beat GM with amazing results in sales, growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation.  The old industry leaders are just that: old.  It is a changing world and there are a few simple points that will enable you and your organization to thrive in these new times.  Transform your product, and organization, by changing the service your customer experiences.
Today's successful winners are focused on daily improvement, customer service, constant innovation, and using technology to stay in contact with everyone from suppliers, distributors, customers, to finding new clients.

Shape of the Winner has 10 specific learning points that will help you and your organization adapt in the new global and technological market.

  • Search in niche markets
  • Create a flat organization
  • Become a quality fanatic
  • Be fast, flexible, and time competitive
  • Re-define every product via service
  • Become international
  • Be a technical pioneer
  • Create small units with in your organization
  • Add value through people
  • Adopt an ethic of constant improvement

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