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Today, health care professionals are facing the unique challenge of maintaining or increasing the quality of care while reducing costs. Prescription for Change explores the quality systems and training that are key to meeting this goal.

A Case Study In Quality

In this program,  you'll see how Memphis' Baptist Memorial hospital embarked on a quality journey that has led to change at all levels.  Learn aboutthe change process at this 1,500 bed hospital... a process of continuous quality improvement at all levels.  In Prescription for Change, you will learn about the positive impact of quality on healthcare organizations. 

Interviews with physicians, nurses, administrators, and staff members will show you first hand how change can happen and how quality can be achieved though a shift in mindset.  You'll see how BMH is breaking down departmental barriers through teamwork and communication. 


  • Learn how to use a managed care approach to improve patient care and control costs
  • See the power of a proactive suggestion program for all levels of a healthcare facility
  • Understand how basic and follow up training programs produce a blueprint for success.
  • See how treating patients as customers creates a new perspective for healthcare professionals.



  • DVD (The case study of change and quality is 24 minutes with 6 minutes of commentary)
  • CD-ROM with Workbook and Leader's Guide
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