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Leading the Nation celebrates successful management in the public sector.  This two part series revels how organizations in the public sector have met new challenges, changes and implemented total quality management processes.  The rewards are powerfully shown in higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

You will be motivated as you learn how two winners of The Federal Quality Improvement Prototype Award overcame bureaucratic challenges and embraced change.  Concrete examples of teamwork in action revel how these new management processes can revolutionize the workplace. 

In Team Based Quality, you will go on location to Sacramento Air Logistics Command (SALC) and see how they turned around a once demoralized organization.  You will see how military personnel, civilians, and union workers at the Air Force Base built cross-departmental teams to achieve extraordinary results. 

You'll see how they built a quality bill of rights to empower each employee.  The result? Renewed pride, higher productivity, employee satisfaction and performance!


  • See how to move from red tape to results
  • Lean the importance of teambuilding and putting the customer first
  • Lean new ways of implementing ideas and taking action in  your own organization
  • See why customer service is an integral part of success in the Quality improvement process.



  • DVD (The case study of change and quality is 21 minutes with 4 minutes of commentary)
  • CD-ROM with Workbook and Leader's Guide

Guides & Workbooks

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