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The world looks different from how it has in the past. These changes demand new ways of interaction and communication. We stand at a Threshold of Change, at a new doorway filled with all shapes, sizes and colors of people, each possessing varying abilities, and most filled with ideas, hopes and disparate perspectives.

With this variety comes an excitement and energy few of us have anticipated. At the same time, diversity offers us many new challenges. The Diversity Series focuses on the legal, ethical and practical issues companies and workers face in this dynamic new environment, demonstrating how we can use our diversity to enhance our organization's competence and performance. It is a valuable training tool for managers and all employees.

Series Objectives:

The Diversity Series is a four part training series designed for managers and employees. We focus on the legal, ethical and practical definitions of diversity and address some of the complex issues organizations and employees face. We explore issues of communication styles, workplace values, conflict, stereotypes, fear and building productive workplace relationships with those who are different from us in a variety of ways.

Program Contents:

  • Program 1, On the Threshold of Change (17 minutes), is the overview module. We explore the definition of diversity and how it can impact our work lives. We examine the changing workforce and the issues these changes raise as a process - not a problem. Conflict is viewed as an element in this process and we consider the communication skills we need to productively navigate these changes.
  • Program 2, Gender and Sexual Orientation Workplace Issues (20 minutes) , begins by dispelling many of the popular stereotypes about men and women, gays and lesbians. We discuss what is acceptable workplace behavior and the fears and concerns that challenge mutual respect and lead to conflict.
  • Program 3, Race, Ethnicity, Language and Religion Workplace Issues (20 minutes), takes on the stereotypes that have divided people for centuries. A distinguished collection of managers, line workers and consultants share their experiences and insights.
  • Program 4, Age and Physical Ability Workplace Issues (18 minutes) begins by dispelling some of the mythology that surrounds people who are young, old or differently abled. We evaluate our fears and look at how we can integrate all qualified employees regardless of age or physical ability.


Each program in The Diversity Series includes dramatizations designed to help focus and stimulate discussion. There are 6 of these scenarios in the series.


  • 4 DVDs
  • A comprehensive Facilitator's Guide.
  • Handout pages are incorporated into the guide. (With the purchase of this series, you are granted the license to make as many copies of the Facilitator's Guide or the handout / transparency pages as you need for your organization.)
Sexual Harassment Prevention
Respectful Workplace
LGBT & Gender Issues
Release Date
Jan 1, 1993
Video Running Time (minutes)
Presentation Style
Dramatic Vignettes w/Instruction
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