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Speaking and Listening for Results

The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem. Employee misunderstandings in large organizations are said to run $624 per employee per year.*

There is no doubt that training designed to improve basic workplace communication is worth doing! The Communication Counts training program depicts six common communication errors while providing tips on how to avoid them.

Key Learning Points

  • Shows employees that effective communication is the best way to avoid workplace problems
  • Encourages individuals to put in the effort required to speak and listen in a way that improves results
  • Improves organizational productivity and reduces organizational errors

How is it that a lack of communication can cause so much harm to an organization? Take a look at the list of problems below and the resulting impact associated with each. It's easy to see why so many failed projects, missed deadlines, and workplace conflicts are attributed to a communication blunder in one or more of these areas.

Problem 1: Lack of clarity, or incomplete information provided, when communicating
Impact: Opens the door for the Receiver to misinterpret the message or make faulty assumptions. This is the root of many misunderstandings.

Problem 2: Ineffective listening (or reading)
Impact: The speaker/sender’s message is missed in whole or part. Vital information the speaker/sender assumes has been communicated has, in fact, not been received.

Problem 3: Using the wrong approach, method, or timing when delivering a message
Impact: Conflicts arise (especially when email is used inappropriately). Important work, assigned the wrong way or at the wrong time, is not done correctly.

Problem 4: Lack of assertiveness in communication
Impact: Instead of voicing their true needs, wants, or concerns, employees force others to guess or make assumptions. This is highly inefficient and tends to lead to conflict.

Problem 5: Too much multi-tasking and too many distractions
Impact: Work is often not done as well as it could have been; mistakes are made.

Problem 6: People don't realize how their communication style affects others
Impact: Individuals are off-putting to co-workers because they don’t realize how things like brusqueness or sarcasm can be misconstrued. Morale, teamwork and productivity suffer.

The Communication Counts training program provides a brief look at all six of these issues while offering common sense tips on how to prevent them. Viewers observe two leaders of a small, but growing, organization as they put themselves through an online crash course on workplace communication.

The video’s Leader’s Guide provides suggestions for group training, including one idea that allows your training audience to interact with the video; as the video’s characters complete the final quiz in their training course, your trainees are able to answer the same questions (before they see how the video's characters respond).

Purchase Includes:

  • Communication Counts DVD (19 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • CD with Participant Worksheets

* Statistics taken from IDC Study (June 2008) and SIS International Research Study.

Customer Service
Leadership and Management
Meeting Openers & Meeting Management
HR and Workplace Issues
Communication: email and Social Media Issues
Release Date
Jan 1, 2012
Video Running Time (minutes)
Presentation Style
Dramatic Presentation
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Guides & Workbooks

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