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Put an end to unproductive meetings, for good!

Are too many unproductive, wasteful meetings eating up your time? If so, then here is the better-meeting-management-training program you've been waiting for to put an end to unproductive meetings.

This training program begins by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of meetings in the pre-meeting step, then walks you through a systematic decision-making process. This all results in a productive problem-solving or informational meeting that everyone wants!

You'll Learn To:

  • Understand when to/or not to hold a meeting by using A-C-T
  • Correctly distinguish who should be invited to a meeting
  • Set a clear, purposeful agenda
  • Crystallize the nature of the problems/issues and poignantly define objectives
  • Implement "Problem Re-formulation" to come up with workable ideas
  • Observe the three basic rules of brainstorming
  • Use "matching orders" to assign follow-up actions

Comes with the DVD and the Better Meeting Management booklet Length: 22 Min.

Purchase Includes:

  • Better Meeting Management DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Better Meeting Management booklet on CD

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