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Dr. Philip Zimbardo
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University

Teach your employees how social rules, unconscious biases, and “group think” heavily influence how we analyze and make decisions.

A Dynamic Training Tool

Narrated by Dr. Zimbardo, this fascinating program offers insights into the underlying forces driving individual and group behavior. You’ll observe unsuspecting human subjects in twenty situations that test the boundaries of individualism and group mentality. Watch them all or choose the scenes that best fit your training goals.

Watch examples of how we judge others:

  • Weighted heavily by first impressions
  • Based on their personal appearance
  • Through identification with groups

Or how social situations drive behavior:

  • When we want to be accepted and fit in
  • Passively deferring to a “group norm”
  • Through obedience to authority

Use as a Conversation Starter

Would you stay quiet if your team is making a bad decision? Do you question your first impressions of others? Use this powerful program as a meeting opener or to spark discussion in your trainings. And help your team improve their thinking and decision-making abilities.

Purchase Includes:

  • Exploring Human Nature DVD (57 Minutes)

Dr. Philip Zimbardo has spent his career in social psychology—the study of human nature and how we’re influenced by others and by social rules internalized in childhood. His research shows how we tend to be completely unaware of these influences, and often choose to act in irrational ways that can cause harm to ourselves or others.