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There is only one Brazil, and to succeed here you must open up to this country and its passionate people.

To compete in South America's largest market, you need proper training; failure to prepare can lead to damaged relationships and lost business. The Doing Business in Brazil training program is an essential tool for anyone working with Brazilians.

Business culture in Brazil is probably quite different from your own. The people here are outgoing and physical; they celebrate - rather than litigate - gender differences. Discover how in Brazil professional culture, a more casual attitude dictates much of what does - and doesn't - get done; find out how to accomplish your objectives nonetheless. Learn how to persuade and motivate, whether in the boardroom or on the assembly line. In this complete culture outline of Brazil, you'll get expert answers to dozens of important questions.

Doing Business in Brazil Program Highlights:

  • What culture does Brazil have?
  • How do I communicate effectively and avoid costly misunderstandings?
  • What are inappropriate business conservation topics in Brazil?
  • What are the negotiation and management styles?

The Doing Business in Brazil training DVD will give the participant a better understanding of Brazil’s unique culture and way of doing business. This training program is designed for business travelers, professionals working with Brazilians, as well as a Brazil cultural adaptation for expatriates.

Purchase Includes:

  • Doing Business in Brazil DVD (38 Minutes)
  • Role Play
  • Exercises
  • Discussion Questions