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Covers need-to-know best practices for doing business in Latin America: culture, communication, management, negotiation, international business etiquette training and more.

To survive in this dynamic, emerging market, it’s crucial to know Chilean customs and culture. The Doing Business In Chile video is a complete training program for being profitable and avoiding business problems in Chile.

Find out how this country is different from its Latin American neighbors, from its unique history to strict attitude against corruption. Learn essential people skills, from proper protocol, to building rapport and managing relationships. Observe how locals negotiate, and get strategic advice from business leaders for making profitable deals. Whether starting a business in Chile and preparing for a top-level Chile business meeting, this program is essential for newcomers and established global corporations alike.

Doing Business in Chile Program Highlights:

  • What's the workplace culture in Chile?
  • What's proper etiquette and greetings?
  • How do I find the right business gift in Chile?
  • How do I communicate effectively and avoid costly misunderstandings?
  • What's the appropriate management style in Chile?

The Doing Business in Chile training DVD will give the participant a better understanding of Chile’s unique culture and way of doing business.

Purchase Includes:

  • Doing Business in Chile DVD (43 Minutes)
  • Role Play
  • Exercises
  • Discussion Questions