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Confident without being hasty, thorough without getting stuck in the details.

Supervisors are paid to make decisions, and they need to be good at it because their choices affect employees and the organization's bottom line. Good leaders must be consistent in their decisions and must make them as quickly as possible. At the same time, they have to give these decisions a lot of thought. The trick is to be confident without being hasty, and thorough without getting stuck in the details.

Discover the basic foundations of sound, solid decision-making with Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making:

  • Gather Information: identifying facts
  • Develop Alternatives: recognizing possible solutions
  • Select the Best Alternative: weighing the pros and cons
  • Following Up: reflecting on decisions

The Supervisor on the Scene Decision Making training program helps supervisors make sound, solid decisions by gathering information; developing alternatives; selecting the best option; and following up.

Purchase Includes:

  • Supervisor on the Scene: Decision Making DVD (12 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • Power Point

This program is part of the Supervisor on the Scene Series

Each program in the Supervisor on the Scene Series follows two supervisors who encounter typical workplace concerns and take the corresponding steps to address them. It describes step by step guidelines on a specific soft skill and shows how each can be applied to help improve efficiency, raise morale and enhance productivity.

This is available as part of

Supervisor on the Scene Series
The Supervisor on the Scene training series offers how-to guides on six vital soft skills: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Coaching for Performance, Decision Making, Meeting Effectiveness and Job Skills.
A Six Part Supervisory Development Series Many research studies have shown that soft skills are as important as talent or technical know-how in supervising employees. They are also critical to an organization's productivity, success, and performance - even more so in a tough economy and a competitiv... read more
Personal Development and Growth
Leadership and Management
Goal Setting
Management Skills
Release Date
Jan 1, 2013
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