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The Simple Strategies for Customer Service video training program is specifically designed for young employees and team members aged 16 – 24 years old.

In today’s competitive business environment it more important than ever to have your young employees be able to deliver the kind of service your clients and customers need and want.

In the Simple Strategies for Customer Service training video, participants will learn from examples illustrating the right way and wrong way to service customers.

Simple Strategies for Customer Service benefits:

  • Comes on a DVD or an easy to use flash drive – just plug it into your lap top or desktop pc.
  • 1 hard copy of the Manager or Facilitator’s workbook.
  • 5 hard copies of the employee’s work book.
  • Option of printing unlimited copies of both the manager’s and employee’s workbooks directly from the flash drive.
  • Customizable course completion certificates.
  • Can be completed by your employee in approximately one hour.
  • Allows for training new employees as you hire them.
  • No hidden costs, subscriptions licenses or memberships.
  • A copy of the book Making Service Count by Tom Borg
  • A copy of the book The 5 Biggest Customer Service Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Simple Strategies for Customer Service is a video program that gives our young front line employees the tools they need to deliver the highest quality of service possible. It is down to earth and real! This program is paying for itself many times over.”
- Tony Grech Co-Owner, Greko Printing and Imaging, Plymouth MI

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