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Are leaders born, or made? The Nurturing Leadership video shows that while certain personality traits may influence leadership abilities, there are also leadership qualities that can be learned and nurtured.

Business leaders, politicians, coaches and others share their perceptions of what it takes to be a leader, relating to viewers that observing certain principles and adopting admirable behaviors can help develop leadership attributes. Integrity, honesty, dependability and the belief in an organization’s core values are showcased, along with the elements necessary to create a culture of excellence.

A basic definition of leadership as the action of leading a group of people toward a common goal is the preface to the importance of creating a vision of the future—the true mark of a leader. Listening, teamwork, motivation and the ability to engage others in a cause are also presented as leadership qualities. Many modern-day or historical capsules of leadership bring to life the concept of developing the traits to become a leader.

Nurturing Leadership Program Highlights:

  • Are Leaders Born or Bred?
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Military Hierarchy
  • Examples of Patience and Perseverance
  • Nurturing Leadership: Integrity
  • Practice Integrity
  • Recovering Personal Integrity
  • Model Core Values
  • Culture of Excellence: Lead By Example
  • Inspire Others and Have Passion
  • Adapt to Change
  • Leadership Vision: Inspire Others, Provide Clear Strategies
  • Enable Others to be Part of the Process
  • Becoming a Leader: Attracting Followers
  • Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Ethical Leadership: Gregg Steinhafel
  • Become a Leader

A co-production of Films for the Humanities & Sciences and MotionMasters. (35 minutes)


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