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How to Get Along, Get Noticed & Get Ahead

Success isn’t just about the job you do—it’s also about how you do it. Communicating effectively, working well with others, staying positive and flexible in the face of change — these are essentials for helping new employees become productive as quickly as possible. WorkSmarts gives your employees critical insight into what it really takes to succeed!

WorkSmarts is designed to show what it really takes to fit in and succeed in an organization. It gives inside scoop in a clear and friendly manner, covering the unspoken truths we all wish we had known from day one. As successful employees have learned—sometimes the hard way—career success often depends on where your head is at and how you act, rather than what you know. It’s our attitude, our approach and our interactions with others that can matter most and set us apart as extraordinary employees. Simply put, it’s about putting common sense into common practice.

Using a comfortable “between you and me” approach, this program encourages employees to take initiative by adopting four straightforward strategies and promotes the idea that if employees really give their best effort daily—rather than worrying about how to get ahead—they will see results immediately.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the “unspoken truth” that attitude and personal behavior are vital to long-term success
  • Shift a negative attitude into a positive attitude
  • Describe proactive behaviors
  • Cope with change more effectively
  • Be encouraged to set goals
  • Understand the importance of being cooperative and respectful
  • List ways to communicate clearly and listen actively

Enhance career development by taking initiative and putting common sense into common practice. WorkSmarts will encourage employees and supervisors to share ideas, ask questions and interact with others--ultimately promoting job efficiency and satisfaction!

Purchase Includes:

  • WorkSmarts DVD (19 minues)
  • Leader's Guide

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