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When it comes to workplace competencies, there aren’t many more important than knowing what it takes to grow a base of loyal customers. To be successful long- term, organizations must ensure that people at all levels demonstrate a commitment to keeping good customers from going elsewhere. Several very powerful customer service videos, along with helpful companion materials, take front-line representatives on a journey of the skills and attitudes required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty Benefits:

  • Explains that customer loyalty stems from consistent service
  • Teaches interpersonal skills to improve service effectiveness in key areas
  • Inspires employees to treat customers as they would want to be treated

The Employees Guide to Customer Loyalty course combines 4 popular customer service programs and bonus competency-building training material that develop employee skills and awareness in the area of building customer loyalty.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand that satisfying customers time after time is the key to building customer loyalty.
  • Recognize the value of customers who do business with you.
  • Show your appreciation and keep them coming back by doing your best to meet their needs.
  • Use interpersonal skills like listening and empathy to convey respect and take appropriate action.
  • Handle upset customers in a productive, professional manner by doing everything you can.

Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty contains a chaptered DVD featuring 4 stand-alone videos and 3 video shorts. This competency course drives home the importance of keeping customers while teaching the skills necessary for doing so. Each video segment covers a different aspect of customer service and satisfaction.

Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty Video Segments:

  • Remember Me (10 min) – sends this clear message: There’s a limit to what good customers will put up with. They may not complain, but they will leave…for good.
  • WAYMISH (Why Are You Making It So Hard….for me to give you my money?) (18 min) – reminds viewers of the value each customer represents while depicting various things an organization and its service providers unwittingly do to drive loyal customers away.
  • Call of the Mummy (19 min) – presents an overview of the attitude and problem solving skills customer service representatives need if they want to consistently meet customer expectations.
  • Mad About Customer Service (15 min) - outlines the skills required to turn potentially disastrous service situations into opportunities to build loyalty and the trust of customers for years to come.
  • The Sound of Service Opener (2 min) – contrasts words and attitudes that frustrate customers with those that make customers feel welcome and appreciated.
  • The WAYMISH Factor (2.5 min) – gives powerful statistics that make the business case for doing all that you can to keep customers happy.
  • The Sound of Service Closer (2 min) – uses a S.E.R.V.I.C.E. acronym to summarize important points about what it means to give great customer service.

An accompanying guide contains Discussion and Personal Reflection Questions and Activities that help facilitators (or employees doing self-study) pull key learning points from the videos and relate them to the competency of building customer loyalty.

Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty Includes:

  • Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty DVD (68 Minutes)
  • Facilitator's Guide
  • Discussion and Personal Reflection Questions
  • Activities for Group Training or Self-Study

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