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Who are you? That’s been asked by the greatest minds over the centuries. We’re not going to attempt to answer that universal question, but…we CAN address it as it relates to ourselves at work.

We can choose to be a person with purpose. We can choose to be a person of respect. We can choose to look for the positive in others and bring out their best. When you think about what your alternatives are, it can help in making that choice….who you want to be.

A powerfully simple approach to getting employees to talk about various workplace issues. When asked who are you? - some respond with:

I’m someone who just tries to get through the day.
I’m here so I can pay my bills.
I’m just a peon. Nothing I do matters.
I get what I can and move on.

These may be appropriate responses for some, but the good news is…we CAN DECIDE who we are in the workplace. Great for use as a powerful meeting opener. The Who Are You short program can also be used for new employee orientation sessions and Lunch 'n Learns!

Who Are You? Includes:

  • Who Are You DVD (4 Minutes)
  • Discussion Guide
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