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Employees who need annual hearing conservation training often say that they’ve “heard it all before” and tend to tune out during training sessions. Yet, we often see workers who don’t wear their hearing protection when they should or don’t wear it correctly.

The What Protecting Your Hearing training program takes an entertaining approach to illustrate what happens to workers who ignore the signs of hearing loss and what employees can do to protect their hearing while they still can.

Key Learning Points

  • How sound affects the ear and how hearing loss occurs
  • Warning signs of hearing loss
  • Types of hearing protection and how to use them
  • What to look for in their annual hearing tests
  • Reasons to take responsibility for their own hearing protection

What...?! Protecting Your Hearing Includes:

  • What Protecting Your Hearing DVD (13 Minutes)
  • Employee Handbook
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Blueprints for Safety Administrative Guide
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