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Breathing clean air is what everyone needs to do to stay safe and healthy on the job. But some jobs can expose workers to contaminants that can cause simple irritation or even a serious illness.

The Respiratory Protection Your Guide to Clean Breathing training program shows that a respirator is a piece of Personal Protective Equipment like gloves or a hard hat, but are more complex and require specific training before use. Air purifying respirators can be an effective means to keeping harmful contamination out of worker’s lungs, but need to be selected, fitted, used and maintained in a way that assures protection.

Key Learning Points

  • Hazards in the Air
  • Health Screening
  • Respirator Types
  • Cartridges and Filters
  • Inspecting Your Respirator
  • Using a Respirator
  • Maintaining Your Respirator

Respiratory Protection: Your Guide to Clean Breathing Includes:

  • Respiratory Protection Your Guide to Clean Breathing DVD (16 Minutes)
  • Employee Handbook
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Blueprints for Safety Administrative Guide