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Enterprise Media is excited to announce the release of GRIT™, a comprehensive, interactive series of ten programs that will help everyone in your organization manage issues of COVID-19, stress, PTSD, addiction, depression, well-being, and other related issues.

For over 30 years, the GRIT™ team has worked together to help people successfully transition their lives and daily practices into narratives. This team has created valuable content and purposeful products to help transform parts of our world. GRIT™ is a unique intersection of art and science never before crossed, tested, or measured in the long-term recovery landscape of innovation or of human transformation. We are rigorously testing with the University of Chicago, a Harvard and an MIT based third party research group as well as the founder’s own scientific ethnographic processes. In 25 years of creating behavioral change transformations, we have never seen reactions like this. It is poetry; a tiered value proposition within healthcare and public policy.


GRIT™ is a highly engaging video-based tool, which helps individual and families to successfully become socially connected individuals pursuing meaningful ways to contribute in life. The pathway to this journey is not only about survival; but also hope and wellness— and it is about thriving.GRIT™ uses a vast library of transformation tools including thousands of short film clips; full films, hundreds of clinical evidence-based treatment modules within recovery and prevention journeys led by a team of leaders: engineers, and master trainers with clinical backgrounds many of whom have worked together since the nineties.

Does it Work? Months after showing our filmed content we returned and discover patients using phrases and lessons from the films we introduced— and many only saw the videos one time. Patients and healthcare providers — leaders, all learners — weeks later — have interwoven real learned life practices into their everyday language.

 GRIT™ has been developed by Katalina Groh, a behavioral economist and social scientist who has been designing breakthrough innovations in behavioral change tools. She is the founder and Leader of the group developing GRIT™.  Her innovations have been used in more than ninety-five percent of Fortune 500 corporations and in more than one hundred countries.


 Program 1: Treatable: Approaching and Healing PTSD

Program 2: Make Mentoring a Workplace Gift

Program 3: Women Empowering Women

Program 4: Better Than Well: The Recovery Model

Program 5: Treatable! Approaching & Healing PTSD

Program 6: Staying Connected During Covid-19

Program 7: Patience! Recovery Takes Time

Program 8: Mental Health Challenges and Solutions for Healthcare workers During the COVID-19 Crisis

Program 9: Using Video to Support Workplace Well-Being

Program 10: We Are In This Together! Mental Health Challenges & Solutions During COVID 19

BONUS PROGRAM 1: Leadership: An Art of Possiblity with Ben Zander

BONUS PROGRAM 2: Attitude; Radiating Possibility with Ben Zander

BONUS APPLICATION:  With the purchase of this package, you and your team will have free access to the iPhone and Android app.  See below for more information. 


DVD and USB: 

Individual Program: $1,500

Five programs: $ 5,000

All 10 Programs: $8,500



1 Course: $1500

5 Courses: $3,000

All 10 Courses: $5,000 ($180 for each additional person)

STREAMING 2,500 People: 

All 10 courses $10,000 ($180 for each additional person)

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Dec 1, 2020
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