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George Schultz, the former Secretary of State said, "You go to Washington with the best of reasons but you get so caught up in power games that you quickly forget why came in the first place." This lesson is true in any business, and all organizations are political. It is important to keep perspective and stay grounded in a political environment. Ask yourself, "Why am I here? Why did I take this job?" Do not let the politics overwhelm your enthusiasm. Stop and ask yourself "what happened last week that: A. I-m proud of and B. helped develop people?"

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Little Big Things: Leadership
Tom attacks the issues of promotions, employee reviews, communication, teamwork, and setting milestones through his insight and candid conversations aimed directly at the viewers.
The Little BIG Things with Tom Peters We are very excited to announce the release of our new Tom Peters program titled The Little BIG Things!The Little BIG Things contains 91 individual (2 to 3 minute) segments of Tom telling stories and reminding us of what you as a manager, leader and employee nee... read more
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