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Implode! - Full Preview

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There are hardly any other jobs where teamwork, communication and trust matter more than when you’re imploding a building. In Implode!, you will see how these skills are critical to the success and safety of imploding a building. Listen to Stacey Loizeaux, the world’s top female implosionist as she explains how a team-based strategy, built on communication and trust turns a potentially dangerous business into a safe one.

Our cameras take you behind the scenes to one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, imploding a steel framed building. Whether your building new products or improving services, you’ll be motivated by these colorful, and dynamic team members.


Implode! is a blast. It’s got an odd but winning combination of tongue-in-cheek humor, a sublime visual effect, and some down-to-earth lessons... This team has an unsentimental and increasingly unfashionable approach to trust: You earn it. Team members are trained in the field under close supervision. If they perform well, they receive trust. This isn’t Internet time where in which you get raw recruits, give them a title and assume they’ll do the job just fine.

This film is more visual than most. Yes, it has talking head interviews, all done in the field but with an undertone of humor, as if folks are about to burst out laughing and ask, "Can you believe we do this for a living?" The big visual appeal, though, is the sublime sight of large buildings, sometimes whole blocks of them, crumbling into neat piles. Implode! cleverly exploits the value of entertainment - in this case, the awesome sight of buildings collapsing after having their structural knees knocked out - to get the training message across.

This training package includes a workbook with the video.

This program is part of the Teamwork Combo Package which is available for only $895! The combo includes:

  • Implode: Building Teamwork, Trust and Communication with 10,000 tons of TNT
  • Four Weeks in May with Danica Patrick
  • America³: The Power to Create X

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