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  • How to Connect in Business in 90 seconds or less
    • CC

    How to Connect in Business in 90 seconds or less

    Nicholas Boothman

    Nicholas Boothman teaches you great techniques for connecting with customers quickly and easily.

  • How To Lose Customers Without Really Trying

    How To Lose Customers Without Really Trying

    John Cleese

    Learn how to retain customers and keep them coming back in this humorous presentation from the producers of the John Cleese training videos.

  • I Wasn’t Prepared For That

    I Wasn’t Prepared For That

    Overcoming the Fear of Making Presentations
    Fear. That's the main reason most people won’t make presentations, or make them poorly.

  • If Looks Could Kill
    • 2000

    If Looks Could Kill

    Dawn French

    The Power of Behavior
    How people behave when dealing with customers and colleagues can determine the success or failure of each interaction. The Power of Behavior

  • Inside Information

    Inside Information

    A silo-buster's guide to internal customer service
    Most organizations recognize that exceptional service is vital to winning and retaining customers - but very few treat their internal customers with the same level of respect.

  • Is Good Enough
    • CC

    Is Good Enough

    Nicholas Boothman

    Learn how to naturally make a genuine connection with patients, family members, and co-workers from expert Nicholas Boothman.

  • It’s a Dog’s World
    • 2008

    It’s a Dog’s World

    New Release! 2nd Edition!
    This newly-updated version of a customer favorite shows that everyone employed in a medical office, hospital or clinic can make a difference in improving customer service.

  • It’s Your Choice

    It’s Your Choice

    John Cleese

    Selection skills for managers
    A selection interview is a bit like detective work. Suspects must be eliminated until the right person is found, whether from inside or outside the organization.

  • I’d Like A Word With You
    • 1996

    I’d Like A Word With You

    This humorous program shows managers and team leaders, who have responsibilities for staff, just how badly a discipline interview can be handled.

  • Leader Madness
    • CC

    Leader Madness

    The humorous video demonstrates six warning signs of ineffective leadership, showing how seemingly insignificant actions can develop into destructive leadership practices.

  • Meetings Bloody Meetings

    Meetings Bloody Meetings

    John Cleese

    Making Meetings More Productive
    John Cleese shows you how to make the most of your meetings in this classic bestseller!

  • More Bloody Meetings

    More Bloody Meetings

    John Cleese

    The People Side of Meetings
    This sequel to the award-winning "Meetings Bloody Meetings" with John Cleese, focuses on the interpersonal skills needed to keep meetings productive.

  • Muppets - Benefits

    Muppets - Benefits

    The Muppets

    Use a hilarious satire to introduce your new medical benefits plan. Compared to the difficulties our frustrated employees face untangling their benefits labyrinth, your program will look like a dream.

  • Muppets - Blinded by Research

    Muppets - Blinded by Research

    The Muppets

    Market research is the foundation of many important business decisions. Join us for a "stabbing" look at research gone awry.

  • Muppets - Break’N The Rules

    Muppets - Break’N The Rules

    The Muppets

    There are few things more frustrating than trying to reason with an over zealous legal department. How can you appease the legal eagles in the company? Find out in this brief "brief."

  • Muppets - Computer!

    Muppets - Computer!

    The Muppets

    For those who have computer phobia, Grump takes the fear out of hacking as he manages to turn the computer into a pizza machine with the works. A real tasty clip with bits and "bytes" of zany humor

  • Muppets - Executives’ Island

    Muppets - Executives’ Island

    The Muppets

    Clear and focused priorities are the most important tools that good management can utilize. Learn about the dangers of red tape and how it can keep you from achieving your company’s goals. Sail into your next break with this delightful parody.

  • Muppets - Explosion

    Muppets - Explosion

    The Muppets

    The seats are hard, the presentations are long and the material has grown boring. In short, Grump is convinced that this meeting has lost its sizzle.

  • Muppets - Five Basic Rules of Selling

    Muppets - Five Basic Rules of Selling

    The Muppets

    It’s a jungle out there, especially when you’re pitching to a 500 lb. Gorilla. The Five Basic Rules of Selling video sets the stage for discussing proven sales techniques without monkeying-around.

  • Muppets - Great Moments...In Business History

    Muppets - Great Moments...In Business History

    The Muppets

    Bone up on your business skills with this insightful look into the evolution of sales and negotiation techniques from prehistoric times to now. Only a Neanderthal wouldn’t enjoy this funny break film. X

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