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  • Muppets - Great Salespeople Through History

    Muppets - Great Salespeople Through History

    The Muppets

    Every person can be a great salesperson. And every sale is a history-making event. Roar with laughter at the MUPPETS interpretations of great salespeople. Inspire your sales force with this classic new confidence builder and break film.

  • Muppets - Grump Critic

    Muppets - Grump Critic

    The Muppets

    Nothing breaks the spirit of a good meeting like boredom. So Leo asks Grump to signal him if the speech goes sour. Grump finds a loud way to let Leo know when he’s bored. A great way to introduce your next speaker without tooting your own horn.

  • Muppets - How To End A Meeting

    Muppets - How To End A Meeting

    The Muppets

    The ultimate rousing send-off! When this fat MUPPET Lady sings, your audience will head out the door howling with laughter and ready to take on the world.

  • Muppets - How To Sell

    Muppets - How To Sell

    The Muppets

    When our sales rep discovers the importance of knowing absolutely everything, about new customers, prospectors beware!

  • Muppets - Introduction

    Muppets - Introduction

    The Muppets

    "I would like to introduce you to the person, who will introduce you to the person, who will..." Zzzzz. Sound familiar? How can you keep your introductions from dragging along?

  • Muppets - Introduction with a Slight Snare

    Muppets - Introduction with a Slight Snare

    The Muppets

    The drum roll please... Leo teaches Grump how to jazz up an introduction with a set of drums. But the beat doesn’t stop there. Grump sets up some traps of his own.

  • Muppets - Just A Few Announcements

    Muppets - Just A Few Announcements

    The Muppets

    What happens when you have confusing agenda changes during a meeting? Sometimes the most important announcements get lost in the clutter. Use this funny film as an ideal way to keep way to help keep your meeting on track.

  • Muppets - Leo and the Monster

    Muppets - Leo and the Monster

    The Muppets

    What started out as a pep talk has turned into an anesthetic! Leo’s "short" list of the secrets of success has turned into about 80 or 90 items. Maybe he just needs the right motivation to summarize his list.

  • Muppets - Let’s Have the Dam Break

    Muppets - Let’s Have the Dam Break

    The Muppets

    In this, one of our most popular films, we demonstrate that sometimes a break is not only convenient, it is downright essential.

  • Muppets - Meal Break

    Muppets - Meal Break

    The Muppets

    This break film brings a food fight to life. Make your upcoming meal break look delicious as Grump complains through his. He won’t even take a bite until his lunch plate decides to "dish back" some of his "beefing."

  • Muppets - Nobody’s Perfect

    Muppets - Nobody’s Perfect

    The Muppets

    For some reason the boss doesn’t like Grump and Leo’s description of the prefect employee. That is, until Grump and Leo create a person in the boss’ likeness.

  • Muppets - Now Hear This!

    Muppets - Now Hear This!

    The Muppets

    How does the O’Toole Fleener Report become the Pool Cleaner Report? When miscommunication turns into mass confusion, the message comes out loud and clear. Every good person must communicate clearly. Open your next meeting and spread the word.

  • Muppets - Safety Zone

    Muppets - Safety Zone

    The Muppets

    "You are traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of timeclocks and deskspace, but danger," announces the very serious Rod Serling-type MUPPET.

  • Muppets - Sales Savvy

    Muppets - Sales Savvy

    The Muppets

    Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something is to learn how not to do it. While Mr. Right knows everything about selling, Mr. Wrong’s idea of a good sales opener is, "Put on a little weight, eh?"

  • Muppets - Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Muppets - Sell! Sell! Sell!

    The Muppets

    The Muppets Sell Sell Sell is the most popular Muppet Meeting Opener. The title of this motivational "tour de farce" says it all. A rousing way to open or close any meeting, reminding the audience how all business is based on selling!

  • Muppets - Super Salesperson

    Muppets - Super Salesperson

    The Muppets

    Smilin’ Ed may be a great salesman, but his seminars are about as much fun as a root canal. His cranky audience will do just about anything to get a break.

  • Muppets - Take This Form and File It!

    Muppets - Take This Form and File It!

    The Muppets

    Look out Leo, there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Grump. In the equivalent of a corporate shoot-out, Grump uses his power to seek revenge. His enemy: Leo. His bullets: FORMS.

  • Muppets - Teamwork in Action

    Muppets - Teamwork in Action

    The Muppets

    Description: Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and a group of frustrated library patrons work together to create a hilarious musical moment. Watch as they turn a cacophony of sound into a symphony!

  • Muppets - The Art of Negotiation

    Muppets - The Art of Negotiation

    The Muppets

    To illustrate that the art of negotiation can turn any argument into a peaceful compromise, Leo tells us that he and Grump will do a bit of role playing. However, the only "role" that Grump wants to sink his teeth into has ham and cheese on it.

  • Muppets - The B.I.G. Plan

    Muppets - The B.I.G. Plan

    The Muppets

    While Grump figures out how to get his vacation slides out of an AV machine, Leo’s B.I.G. (Business Improvement Guaranteed) Plan gets lost in a flurry of wacky acronyms. X

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