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  • Who Put a Lizard in my Lasagna? with Sam Glenn
    • CC

    Who Put a Lizard in my Lasagna? with Sam Glenn

    Sam Glenn

    Part of the Sam Glenn Series
    Learn how to bring the best of yourself to every interaction you have with customers and coworkers in the funny and motivational video hosted by Sam Glenn.

  • Who Sold You This Then?

    Who Sold You This Then?

    Narration by John Cleese
    To give service staff an appreciation of the skills required to satisfy customers and represent the business in a professional light.

  • Whoopee!  Another Meeting!

    Whoopee! Another Meeting!

    Loretta Laroche

    What would happen if we approached every meeting with the enthusiasm and excitement of a child? Now you can!

  • Who’s On First
    • 2003

    Who’s On First

    Abbott and Costello’s famous routine-the only comedy routine in the Baseball Hall of Fame-is a wonderful way to begin any session on communication skills, listening, conflict resolution, teamwork, and more! X

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