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  • The Basics of Profitable Customer Service

    The Basics of Profitable Customer Service

    Jeff Blackman

    Companies with great customer service survive and thrive. Those that provide poor customer service fail. In this DVD training program you'll be given the tools necessary to make your business grow and thrive. 

  • MediaPartners Sale

    MediaPartners Sale

    There is no quantity limit, but there is a time limit so hurry!
    Education Sale!
    Offer expires June 30, 2018. No other discounts apply.

  • Mad About Customer Service

    Mad About Customer Service

    In the midst of a negative customer service encounter, even the best intentions of a CSR can be misinterpreted. Help your staff avoid common mistakes, maintain control and create winning outcomes.

  • TAG Streaming and eLearning Courses

    TAG Streaming and eLearning Courses

    TAG is now available to companies looking for blueprinted training without the high cost typically associated with customization. 

  • StreamingPlus Library

    StreamingPlus Library

    The StreamingPlus Library is a high-quality, video-based training program available at an affordable cost.

  • Spread Good Vibes

    Spread Good Vibes

    Life is good

    At the company Life is good, "Spread Good Vibes" means delivering great customer service - internally and externally.

  • Half Full - Bring Optimism to Work

    Half Full - Bring Optimism to Work

    Life is good

    A positive, optimistic outlook at work and in life is a critical factor in personal and professional success.  No matter what happens, this sense of optimism can motivate and inspire everyone around you to higher levels of achievement and contentment.

  • Shawn Achor - Speeches

    Shawn Achor - Speeches

    Shawn Achor

    If you have seen Shawn Achor in our bestselling video, "The Happiness Advantage," you know how he combines humor, passion, and great advice on positive psychology in his speeches.  Now you can invite Shawn to speak at your organization!

  • The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    Develop the critical skills you need to be a truly effective leader: communicate with clarity, make effective and timely decisions, recruit, train, motivate and retain a successful workforce!

  • In An Instant Management Training Video Series

    In An Instant Management Training Video Series

    Anthony Salemi

    A series of short training videos that deal with key topics in the workplace, including management, sales, hiring, termination, discipline, hygiene, team building, delegation, motivation and more!

  • Succeed by Coaching

    Succeed by Coaching

    With this practical guide of do-it-now information you'll discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necessary in today's business world.

  • Writing for Business Results

    Writing for Business Results

    Don't despair. You don't have to be a best-selling author to write clearly and effectively.  This program provides basic instruction improving your writing skills.

  • How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

    How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

    Jeff Blackman

    Get what you want, when you want it with this clear and simple approach to goal setting. Learn the six key elements to change and improve.

  • The Basics to Improve Your Memory

    The Basics to Improve Your Memory

    Madelyn Burley-Allen

    A good memory is critical in any business situation. You need to remember names, dates, places, titles, quotes, times, and the list goes on and on.  The Basics to Improve Your Memory is a DVD training program designed to help you do just that.

  • Succeed By Listening

    Succeed By Listening

    Madelyn Burley-Allen

    With the Succeed By Listening training DVD you'll discover the basic principles and techniques needed to become an active listener and better communicator in both your business and personal life.

  • The Basics of Business Etiquette

    The Basics of Business Etiquette

    Knowing the right things to do and say at work and in work-relad social settings can make a tremendous difference in helping you and your company reach its goals.

  • Effective Performance Management

    Effective Performance Management

    Provides the tools necessary for any supervisor, new or old, to develop and implement a solid performance management system to ensure that everyone is working for the same results.

  • Effective Teamwork

    Effective Teamwork

    With this training video, your entire workforce will know how to maintain a cooperative, creative and highly productive team environment. Lean how to manage team meetings for success.

  • Empowering Employees

    Empowering Employees

    Empowerment is the ability to let others assume the responsibilities, risks and rewards associated with making their own decisions.

  • Hiring the Best

    Hiring the Best

    Good people are the lifeblood of any organization. That's common knowledge. But knowing how to find and identify them is not. How can you make smart hiring decisions that will make you - and your boss - happy? X

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