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  • Five Star Teamwork
    • 2005

    Five Star Teamwork

    This new program features the remarkable team at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. There are no actors, no experts and nothing is contrived-just a real-life, high performing team delivering excellence day after day, year after year.

  • You Can Stop Harassment - The Series
    • 2005

    You Can Stop Harassment - The Series

    What distinguishes You Can STOP Harassment is its positive message. The programs in this series are not about pointing fingers and assigning blame. We all share responsibility for stopping workplace harassment.

  • Insights to Better Mentoring
    • 2005

    Insights to Better Mentoring

    Insights to Better Mentoring is an educational video that presents 4 successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

  • HIPAA Security Compliance
    • 2005

    HIPAA Security Compliance

    Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule is now mandatory, and security awareness training is mandatory for your entire staff.

  • Indecently Exposed
    • 2005

    Indecently Exposed

    Jane Elliott

    Filmed in Regina, Sask., Indecently Exposed illustrates and exposes how systematic racism continues to thrive in Canada today.

  • Positive Discipline
    • 2006
    • CC

    Positive Discipline

    This powerful new training program helps your supervisors get beyond the belief that confronting negative performance has to be unpleasant and punitive in nature.

  • Generations:  MEET for Respect In The Workplace
    • 2006

    Generations: MEET for Respect In The Workplace

    With workers from four generations now active in the workforce, the potential for misunderstanding, frustration and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity. To turn that challenge into a competitive advantage.

  • Good People, Bad Choices - Ethics in the Workplace
    • 2006

    Good People, Bad Choices - Ethics in the Workplace

    A Guide to Ethical Decision Making . Almost every day, we hear of an organization being accused of ethical misconduct. Yet, in most cases, we are not talking about bad people. It’s usually good people that make bad choices.

  • L.E.A.D. with Integrity
    • 2006

    L.E.A.D. with Integrity

    Promoting a Culture of Ethical Conduct and Compliance
    How do you turn a Code of Conduct into a living, breathing part of your organization? Enlist the active, committed involvement of every leader!

  • The Three Dimensional Interview
    • 2006

    The Three Dimensional Interview

    Evaluating for Capability, Commitment and Chemistry
    Save your organization time and money by consistently selecting the right person for the job.

  • Win the S.A.L.E. for Sales Professionals
    • 2006

    Win the S.A.L.E. for Sales Professionals

    A part of The SALE Series, Win the SALE for Sales Professionals provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic sales process and is specifically designed for people who are new to sales or have limited sales experience.

  • Support the S.A.L.E. for Service and Support Professionals
    • 2006

    Support the S.A.L.E. for Service and Support Professionals

    A part of The SALE Series, Support the SALE for Service and Support Professionals is specifically designed for professionals who support sales teams in their organizations.

  • Diversity: The Real Scene
    • 2006

    Diversity: The Real Scene

    Diversity The Real Scene raises awareness about one of the most important issues in the workplace. By alerting your employees to potentially difficult situations, they’ll avoid harassing and disrespectful behaviors.

  • Another Look
    • 2006

    Another Look

    Defining Respect in Healthcare
    Help all employees experience, first hand, the critical role respect plays in ensuring compassionate and effective healthcare!

  • Documenting Discipline II
    • 2006

    Documenting Discipline II

    This compelling new and revised DVD program demonstrates clearly and concisely how managers and supervisors should deal with employee performance issues that occur on a daily basis.

  • ADA Revisited
    • 2006
    • CC

    ADA Revisited

    This program is an excellent way to allay fears and misconceptions about the ADA while sensitizing employees to the benefits of a diverse workforce that includes persons with different abilities.

  • Do Right Series
    • 2006

    Do Right Series

    Lou Holtz

    This collection of the best-selling Do Right programs is a must for any training library! Includes Do Right I, Do Right II, and Do Right The Plan.

  • Other Side of the Window
    • 2006

    Other Side of the Window

    Providing Exceptional Service in Government
    Spend the day with a hapless customer as he experiences life on the other side of the window and shows how workers can be flexible and make citizens happy without breaking the rules.

  • What’s Holding You Back?
    • 2006

    What’s Holding You Back?

    We all face obstacles but amazingly, some of the most successful people in history have overcome some of the most difficult obstacles. What’s Holding You Back? is great way to start or close any business meeting or training session!

  • Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations
    • 2006

    Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Patrick Cleary Senior Vice President, National Association of Manufacturers X

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