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The Legal Role in Keeping Your Workplace Safe

No organization wants its name on the front-page when the headline involves workplace violence. This program explores preventive measures and examines the legal obligations of managers and their organizations.

Topics include hiring policies, appropriate responses to angry outbursts, dealing with employee threats, procedures for investigating rumors and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Making the workplace safe from violence is a high priority for organizations today. But there is a real risk of legal liability as well. Because of workplace violence, organizations have been sued for negligent hiring and retention, constructive discharge, and failure to provide a secure environment.

The Workplace Violence module from The Legal Briefs Series will help insure your managers know their legal obligation and the actions they can take to keep your workplace safe and out of court.

This program also provides specific instructions on how to appropriately and legally investigate rumors, do background checks and employment screenings, and more.

Learning Point Highlights

  • How to approach pre-employment screenings, what types of questions to ask references-and how to avoid illegal questions, misuse of information, and negligent hiring
  • How to respond appropriately and immediately to acts of employee temper
  • How to respond to an employee who makes threat towards an outsider
  • How to investigate rumors of threats and maintain confidentiality
Employees: From Hiring to Discipline
HR and Workplace Issues
Legal Issues
Workplace Violence
Release Date
Jan 1, 2001
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Presentation Style
Dramatic Presentation
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