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A Retaliation Training Trigger

Training Triggers are short programs (1-2 minute meeting openers) with ideas to jump start conversations on critical workplace issues.

In Can This Be Retaliation?, a frustrated employee goes over her supervisor’s head with a complaint of unfair treatment. While Open Door Policy allows this, who is out of line, the employee or the supervisor?

“He said that proper organization was his responsibility, and if I didn’t like all these changes, I could just quit.” This vignette paves the way for trainers to draw students into exploration of what constitutes an adverse employment action and how to navigate such a potential minefield.

Is the supervisor taking out a grudge on the employee? Is the employee taking out a grudge against the supervisor? And what actions should a wise manager take to resolve the issue? This vignette can trigger of thought provoking and informative discussion.

Employees: From Hiring to Discipline
Sexual Harassment Prevention
HR and Workplace Issues
Legal Issues
Respectful Workplace
Release Date
Jan 1, 2008
Video Running Time (minutes)
Presentation Style
Meeting Opener
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