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NEW Ethics Training Program!

Explore the problems bedeviling the ethics-building efforts of organizations through this trilogy of programs from Dr. Marianne Jennings.

The courses examine pressing topics, including the flaws of the gray-area myth, a lack of understanding why ethics matters, the culture of silence and fear of retaliation, and the pressures that compromise ethical decision-making.

Using eye-opening stories and real-life examples, the programs provide strategies that can help you address, if not resolve these issues.

Part 1: Ethics Is A Competitive Advantage (20 Minutes) builds a strong case for why ethics matters and explains why the gray-area myth is detrimental to business.

Part 2: Speaking Up Without Fear (15 Minutes) explains how you can get around the culture of silence and draw out the issues in other ways.

Part 3: Ethical Leadership: Tone at all Levels (20 Minutes) explores how people can handle the pressure and how every employee sets the tone of an organization’s ethical culture in word and deed.

HR and Workplace Issues
Release Date
Jan 1, 2010
Video Running Time (minutes)
Featured Talent
Dr. Marianne Jennings
Course ID

Ethics Series: Speaking Up Without Fear
Ethics Series: Ethical Leadership - Tone at all Levels

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