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Filmed in Regina, Sask., Indecently Exposed illustrates and exposes how systematic racism continues to thrive in Canada today.

I’m your resident bitch for the day - welcome to the workshop!" -Anti-racism expert Jane Elliott

That’s how anti-racism expert Jane Elliott describes her role in this reality-based documentary that challenges Canadian attitudes towards Native Canadians. "Even nice Canadians are racist..."

Whether or not you agree, that’s Elliott’s starting point as she welcomes and bullies 22 Canadians who have volunteered to participate in her internationally renowned workshop.

With cameras rolling, she divides the unsuspecting participants by eye color-blue eyes in one group, brown eyes (many of them Native Canadian) in the other. Elliott turns the tables on the participants, treating the blue eyes as "persons of color", confronting and browbeating them, while the brown eyes are treated with respect.

The goal, Elliott says, is to find even one person who is willing to stand up and change things, to become an activist, to do something about the problem.

Brown-eyed Clayton Maxxi puts it best: "We wish this never existed, that it was just a movie, but it’s real!"

Sexual Harassment Prevention
Respectful Workplace
Release Date
Jan 1, 2005
Video Running Time (minutes)
Featured Talent
Jane Elliott
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