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The programs in the Government Employee Training Series provide both a thorough orientation to government employment for new city, county, state and federal employees as well as insightful refresher training for experienced employees.

Customer Service - 12 Minutes

The Customer Service video shows what is takes for government agencies to provide good customer service to the public and to fellow staff members.
As new employees learn the importance of giving basic respect to everyone and how to create a positive work atmosphere and minimize unnecessary frustration, experienced employees are being asked meaningful questions in each of these areas to help them determine for themselves if they are still providing the customer service they know they should.

Dealing with Difficult Citizens – 10 Minutes

Encounters with difficult citizens do not happen often. In fact, they are relatively rare, but as any experienced government employee can tell you, they do happen.
This video follows five difficult situations government staff members have faced in the past from the beginning of the incident to its successful conclusion, and includes explanations of how to assess the situation, how to position yourself, how to interact with the other person and how to slowly take control of the situation.

Government Ethics – 11 Minutes

This video examines the ethical principles common to all government codes of ethics. Through realistic situations, new employees learn the ethical practices expected of them and experienced employees are questioned about how well they are still meeting those expectations.
Included conflict-of-interest topics are: handling confidential information, favoritism, seeking special privileges, use of government property, doing government business with companies in which they have a financial interest, outside employment and accepting gifts.
By the end of the program new employees have a clear understanding of what constitutes ethical behavior, and experienced employees are able to see whether or not they have begun to deviate from the code of ethics and need to change their behavior.

Professional Conduct – 11 Minutes

The citizens expect their government agencies to be run efficiently and professionally. In this video new employees see what it takes to be a professional staff member, and experienced employees are asked questions to see if they are still the professional they think they are. The examined topics include: being law abiding, being businesslike, respecting government property, being sober, being moral, being honest, having a professional demeanor and why it is important to obey legitimate orders.
By the end of the program new employees understand clearly the conduct the public expects of them, and experienced employees see for themselves if they are still as professional as they thought they were.

Preventing Accidents - 10 Minutes

In this program while new employees are learning what every government employee must do to prevent work-related injuries, experienced employees are being asked if they are still doing what they know they should be doing like: knowing emergency escape procedures, knowing where fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located, always wearing any required protective equipment and consistently paying attention to good housekeeping so spills and materials on the floor do not cause slips and falls.
By the end of the program new employees see clearly that staff members who maintain high safety standards create an environment where accidents almost never happen, and experienced employees judge if they have been doing their part to maintain those high standards.

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