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Terminations are tough. Learn how to do them properly with the Successful Termination training program.

Terminating employees can be the hardest part of management. This essential training video will help your managers terminate problem employees properly, and in compliance with the law. It will also help managers avoid terminations by teaching performance management techniques that can sometimes help an at-risk employee salvage his or her job.

Part 1: Progressive Discipline:

  • Identifying the problem employee.
  • Right and wrong responses.
  • Documenting expectations.

In Part 1 of the Successful Termination training program, managers will learn the three stages of progressive discipline, including how to document expectations.

Part 2: Lawful Terminations:

  • Maintaining respect.
  • Organizing discharge discussions.
  • Preparing for the discharge.
  • The termination meeting.

Part 2 of the Successful Termination training program illustrates how to prepare for the discharge and how to respectfully handle the termination meeting.

Purchase Includes:

  • Successful Termination DVD (39 Minutes)