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From the new Coping Project series comes three touching, reassuring films on adjusting to loss and acceptance of self that are rich in diversity and promote positive self-image. This series is ideal for medical and psychological professionals, educational counselors and employee assistance programs.

Beautiful imagery, comforting music, and soothing narrative will provide comfort and perspective to those distressed.

Though these are sensitive subjects, the films are delicately designed for both young and old alike. The Coping Project includes 3 inspirational films on suicide prevention,bereavement and gratitude.

The Coping Project includes:

  • And It Gets Better (6 minutes)
  • Coping With Loss (24 minutes)
  • Wonders (4 minutes)

And It Gets Better

A very comforting film for those experiencing depression or thoughts of suicide. For anyone feeling overwhelmed, bullied or depressed - this film will remind you of the strength you have within and the impact you bring to the world. It is carefully designed for young and old alike.

Coping with Loss

It is important for our mind and body to find ways to mourn our loss and express our grief. Learn the different stages of grief, mourning and bereavement. How to accept loss. How to experience pain. How to adjust and move on. How to be supportive and supportable. The film addresses a variety of situations for children and adults.

Perspective, Appreciation, Gratitude

A stunning visualization of the beauty of nature and the precious uniqueness of the human heart. It addresses the questions "how can I feel more relaxed in the moment?" "How can I relax and feel more comfortable with myself and others?" Wonders is a wonderful film for life perspective and sensitivity training.

Purchase includes:

  • And It Gets Better DVD (6 minutes)
  • Coping With Loss DVD (24 minutes)
  • Wonders DVD (4 minutes)
  • Training Guide
  • Quiz
  • Script