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Everyone expects their workplace to be safe and risk free. But there are hazards that sometimes can’t be controlled. That’s when you need to use Personal Protective Equipment or PPE.

The personal part is important because PPE is specifically selected by employers to be worn by workers to protect them from the hazards of the job. Whether it is eyes, head, feet or hands, Personal Protective Equipment Your Final Defense will educate your employees on the importance of PPE and how to select, use and maintain this important equipment.

Key Learning Points:

  • Employer and Employee Responsibilities
  • Eye Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Hand and Skin Protection

Personal Protective Equipment Your Final Defense Includes:

  • Personal Protective Equipment Your Final Defense DVD (12 Minutes)
  • Employee Handbook
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Blueprints for Safety Administrative Guide
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