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Compliance Training For: 29 CFR 1910.146

If your employees know the precautions they must take before entering a confined space, it can save their lives—and the lives of their coworkers.

The Confined Space Safety video will help you implement a confined space entry training program at your facility by teaching the steps necessary for safely entering a confined space and for continued safe work in that environment.

After viewing the Confined Space Safety training program, your employees will be able to identify a confined space, determine the hazards involved and prepare for safe entry.

Confined Space Safety Training Points:

  • How to identify a confined space and its potential hazards
  • How to perform your duties as an entry supervisor, attendant or entrant
  • How to follow proper entry procedures in various situations
  • How to follow additional procedures if contract employees are involved
  • How to employ basic rescue techniques

Purchase Includes

  • Confined Space Safety DVD (20 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • Certificate of Completion

Compliance Training For: 29 CFR 1910.146 - OSHA Permit-Required Confined Spaces

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Safety - Confined Space Entry
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