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Am I making it easier or harder for my customers?

Many customers these days are not happy with the service they’re receiving. They’re angry, frustrated and headed for the door. So what do they want? They want service that's efficient and painless, with minimal effort on their part; in other words, customer service made easy.

The Customer Service Make It Easy training program will help you deliver just that.

Customer Service: Make It Easy reinforces 4 essential customer service concepts: Acknowledge, Observe, Listen and Act.

First, you'll see how frustrating it is for customers when these concepts are forgotten. Then you’ll see how to make the customer experience easier.

Throughout the Customer Service Make It Easy training video, you are asked to consider, “Am I making it easier or harder for my customers?” If you consistently use the concepts demonstrated in the video, you will make it easier. And that, more than anything else, builds customer loyalty.

Key Training Points:

Customers want service that is efficient and painless, requiring minimum effort on their part.

4 Concepts to Make Customer Service Easy:

  • Acknowledge
  • Observe
  • Listen
  • Act

To be effective, these concepts must be used together, consistently.

Customer Service Make It Easy Purchase Includes:

  • Customer Service Make It Easy DVD (18 Minutes)
  • CD Containing:
    Leader's Guide
    Participant Worksheets
    PowerPoint slides

This program contains optional subtitles.

Customer Service
Sales Training
Retail Training
Entry Level Customer Service
Release Date
Jan 1, 2016
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Guides & Workbooks

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