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Dr. Janelle M. Barlow embodies the idea of a renaissance individual. She is an entrepreneur, author, award-winning photographer and classical pianist. Barlow is also president of a multinational training and consulting organization. A licensed marriage and family therapist, and a past board member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology, Dr. Barlow earned her Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley.

During her twenties, Barlow lived in Taiwan for three years where she learned to speak Mandarin Chinese. During that period, she developed a particularly keen sense of diverse ideas and approaches to management. She also studied Russian and Vietnamese during her academic studies.

As an author, Barlow co-wrote a bestselling business book, A Complaint Is a Gift, which is currently available in 20 languages, as well as an animated video based on the topic. Branded Customer Service was released October 2004 and has been nominated for several awards. Janelle’s articles have appeared in dozens of international and national publications.

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A Complaint is a Gift
Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool  Show your team that complaints are an opportunity for everyone to learn & build customer relationships. True customer service isn’t catchy slogans or empty promises.
Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool In this delightful animated program A Complaint is a Gift, we meet Complaint and join him on his journey through the Land of Catchy Slogans, the Land of Big Promises, and the Land of Lofty Visions as he seeks to be heard, acknowledged, and have his issues ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only