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Lorraine Monroe is a nationally recognized teacher, principal and consultant. In 1991, she opened the Frederick Douglass Academy, an experimental public high school on Harlem designed to break the rules: It would graduate kids and send them to college. Sure enough, test scores at the Academy quickly shot to among the top in all of New York City. And among the first graduating class, 96% of the students went on to college. While Lorraine Monroe speaks about her experience as a leader in education, the message will inspire everyone who has to lead, motivate and inspire people.

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Leaders Do Outrageous Things
Watch Lorraine Monroe as she inspires and teaches us to achieve more and break-through barriers while being honest, funny and down-to-earth.
Lorraine Monroe doesn't take no for an answer... at least not easily. In a funny, touching, and motivational presentation, Lorraine Monroe explains how to persevere despite setbacks, adversity, and even hostility. She is passionate, funny and honest. Lorraine will motivate you and your team to learn... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only