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Claire Raines has been a pioneer in the study and discussion of generations for more than twenty years. She believes we can be more productive and have more fun at work when we understand the ways in which we are shaped by our times.

Claire has shared her findings in speeches, workshops, books, and videos, earning national awards for her groundbreaking and practical information. Her best selling books include Generations at Work, Twentysomething, Connecting Generations, Beyond Generation X, The Xers & The Boomers, The Art of Connecting, and Millennials@Work. Claire and Sandy Mazarakis designed Connecting Generations, a game that teaches people how to be more effective in work and family situations by adapting to generational differences.

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Generations and Work with Claire Raines
Workplace and on-the-street interviews, vignettes, and expert commentaries address such topics as coaching, work processes, technology, feedback, change, productivity, and sales.
A cost-effective way to train hundreds of people, the Generations and Work Series is the culmination of 25 years of research by Claire Raines, co-author of Generations at Work and seven other books about the generations, supported by compelling real-world inquiry from award-winning producer Tarek Ch... read more