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General Services Administration

Federal Supply Service (FSS) # TFTP-MC-000874-B
(For Off-The-Shelf Training Devices)
SIN: 874-9 (Off-the-Shelf and Customizable Print, Audio, and Visual Instructional Training Devices)
Contract Number: GS-O2F-0007W
Period covered by Contract: October 5, 2009 thru October 4, 2019

Enterprise Media is now a one-stop shopping destination for all of your employee and management training needs. We provide quality training programs and DVD’s in a variety of subjects including customer service, Fish Philosophy training, leadership, diversity, sexual harassment, generational conflict, workplace violence, employee motivation, teamwork, safety, communication, hiring, performance reviews, meeting openers and closers, quality and all around general learning fun! That’s right! Learning and training does not have to be boring! In fact…studies have shown that people LEARN more when they are having FUN! We have many programs that will keep your team learning, laughing, and working together.

Enterprise Media is the sole source provider for such great business talents like Tom Peters, Shawn Achor, John Kotter, Lance Armstrong, Muppet Meeting Openers, Sam Glenn, and Dr. Morris Massey. You can also find John Cleese, Lou Holtz, Stephen Covey, Ben Zander, Marshall Goldsmith, Dewitt Jones and a host of other prominent business and personality talents in our offered programs.

This contract provides you with a one-stop shopping destination because we are offering not only our products, but the ability to bundle your order with other producer’s products. One place – all your training needs! Additionally – all of your shipping is FREE. Overnight is free…ground is free…you get the idea.

Call one of our real live consultants or visit our website – it’s a fun way to get your work done! We ALWAYS answer the phone—no voice mails!

Please note: Products and ordering information in this Authorized FSS Information Technology Schedule Pricelist are also available on the GSA Advantage! system. Agencies can browse GSA Advantage by accessing the Federal Supply Services Home Page via the Internet at http://www.fss.gsa.gov/


SBA strongly supports the participation of small business concerns in the Federal Supply Schedules Program. To enhance Small Business Participation SBA policy allows agencies to include in their procurement base and goals, the dollar value of orders expected to be placed against the Federal Supply Schedules, and to report accomplishments against these goals.

For orders exceeding the micropurchase threshold, FAR 8.404 requires agencies to consider the catalogs/pricelists of at least three schedule contractors or consider reasonably available information by using the GSA Advantage! on-line shopping service (www.fss.gsa.gov). The catalogs/pricelists, GSA Advantage! and the Federal Supply Service Home Page (www.fss.gsa.gov) contain information on a broad array of products and services offered by small business concerns.

This information should be used as a tool to assist ordering activities in meeting or exceeding established small business goals. It should also be used as a tool to assist in including small, small disadvantaged, and women-owned small businesses among those considered when selecting pricelists for a best value determination.

For orders exceeding the micropurchase threshold, customers are to give preference to small business concerns when two or more items at the same delivered price will satisfy their requirement.

Download our full price list – all items are under 874-9

2. Maximum order: The maximum order for any of our products is $500,000.

3. Minimum order: The minimum order for any of our products is $1.00.

4. Geographic coverage (delivery area): We will ship anywhere in the United States and to non-trade restricted foreign countries.

5. Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country): All of our products are produced in the United States.

6. Discount from list prices or statement of net price: This contract provides for a 25% discount to all Federal Customers on Enterprise Media produced products. This is above and beyond our most favored customer discount of 20% to educational customers. Price list is in net terms.

7. Quantity discounts: Quantity discounts are issued but only if they exceed the listed industry discount. It is not likely that a quantity discount will exceed the offered 25% under this contract.

8. Prompt payment terms: Payment terms are Net 30 on all invoices.

9a. Notification that Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold: Government purchase cards and standard credit cards of MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted without a minimum purchase requirement.

9b. Notification whether Government purchase cards are accepted or not accepted above the micro-purchase threshold: Government purchase cards and standard credit cards of MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted without a maximum purchase requirement.

10. Foreign items (list items by country of origin): We do not have any products produced outside of the United States.

11a. Time of delivery. (Contractor insert number of days.): Delivery time is five business days from order processing.

11b. Expedited Delivery. The Contractor will insert the sentence “Items available for expedited delivery are noted in this price list.” under this heading. The Contractor may use a symbol of its choosing to highlight items in its price lists that have expedited delivery: Any Enterprise Media produced product is available for expedited delivery and is noted as having the 25% discount. Most other items are available for overnight delivery if the order is received by noontime, Eastern Standard Time. This contract gives all federal customers the benefit of free shipping regardless of shipping method.

11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery. The Contractor will indicate whether overnight and 2-day delivery are available. Also, the Contractor will indicate that the schedule customer may contact the Contractor for rates for overnight and 2-day delivery: Any Enterprise Media produced product is available for overnight and 2nd Day delivery and is noted as having the 25% discount. Most other items are available for overnight delivery if the order is received by noontime, Eastern Standard Time. This contract gives all Federal Customers the benefit of free shipping regardless of shipping method.

11d. Urgent Requirements. The Contractor will note in its price list the “Urgent Requirements” clause of its contract and advise agencies that they can also contact the Contractor’s representative to effect a faster delivery: At Enterprise Media we encourage you to call and talk to our consultants! We would be happy to advise you of the available methods of delivery of our products. Our website allows for different shipping options and we always answer our phone.

12. F.O.B. point(s): FOB Destination

13a. Ordering address(es): Enterprise Media, 91 Harvey Street, Cambridge MA 02140. 1-800-423-6021. Fax: 617-354-1637. Email: orders@enterprisemedia.com.

13b. Ordering procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) are found in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.405-3: The use of BPA’s under any schedule contract to fill repetitive needs for supplies or services is allowable. BPA’s may be established with one or more schedule contractors. The number of BPA’s to be established is within the discretion of the ordering activity establishing the BPA and should be based on a strategy that is expected to maximize the effectiveness of the BPA(s). Ordering activities shall follow FAR 8.405-3 when creating and implementing BPA(s).

14. Payment address(es):  Accounts Payable, Enterprise Media, 91 Harvey Street, Cambridge MA 02140.

15. Warranty provision: Full replacement of defective items within one year of purchase.

16. Export packing charges, if applicable: Not applicable

17. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level): Enterprise Media does not have a minimum or maximum purchase amount regarding the use of government purchase cards.

18. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair (if applicable): Not applicable

19. Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable). Not applicable

20. Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices (if applicable). Not applicable

20a. Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable). Not applicable

21. List of service and distribution points (if applicable). Not applicable

22. List of participating dealers (if applicable). Not applicable

23. Preventive maintenance (if applicable). Not applicable

24a.  Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants). Not applicable

24b.  If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full details can be found (e.g. contractor’s website or other location.) The EIT standards can be found at: www.Section508.gov/. Not applicable

25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number. 16-132-2185, FID: 04-3304581

26. Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. We are registered in the CCR.

27. Uncompensated Overtime. (Indicate if used). Not applicable