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Perplexed is what we should be. The times are perplexing, confusing; not to be perplexed and confused is dangerous.

- Tom Peters

According to Tom Peters, “crazy” is a good word.  If you’re not feeling crazy, you’re not in touch with the times.  Taped before a live audience, Tom Peters enthusiastically introduces a new brain-work business era “set amidst the most profound shift in organizations since the start of the Industrial Revolution.”  Today’s business world is a fast-paced global marketplace in which all products will be “fashion” goods – fickle, fleeting, ephemeral – and all success-geared businesses must become, in Peters’ surprising words, “bonkers organizations.”

Directing attention to a wide range of domestic and international companies, Peters reveals how these real winners are achieving success by paring management down to fighting trim, simplifying processes, encouraging creativity and getting close to their customers – all the while maintaining a “healthy craziness.”  Companies used as micro-case examples include: Microsoft Corporation; AT&T; the Associated Group – Acordia; Shoebox Greetings; Lakeland Regional Medical Center; Titeflex; and ABB Asea Brown Baveri, Ltd.

With his insightful, and irreverent, “Ideas For Building Curious Companies,” Tom Peters directs business people and companies toward a challenging process of revolutionary restructuring, reinvention and retraining in order to achieve necessary disorganization:  “Only opening yourself up to perpetual destruction offers hope for renewal."

Program Objectives:

  • Examine management hierarchies in terms of functional links and their ability to positively respond to customer needs
  • Encourage semi-permanent, cross-functional, moment-conscious project teams
  • Liberate corporations to commit to perestroika inside the firm
  • Prepare companies to “abandon everything”
  • Invite employers to seek out and nurture entrepreneurs and renegades
  • Encourage individuals to actively create “value-added” resumes as a reason for giving their best in our new short-term workplace
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