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Meet Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude!

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Sam Glenn is a leading motivational keynote speaker. This once nighttime janitor who slept on borrowed floor space now invigorates audiences of every size and some as large as 75,000 with sidesplitting humor, inspirational insights and candid simplicity. Sam Glenn is regarded as The Authority on Attitude(TM) and has written 17 books on the subject of Attitude and Peak Performance in life and the workplace. Sam is the founder of Attitude Digest magazine, which targets senior level managers and entrepreneurs who are looking to inspire their staff members. The magazine is motivational, insightful and fun! Sam is a prominent and highly sought after inspirational speaker.

In Sam’s free time he enjoys eating and laughing with his family, fishing and making others look good on the golf course.

Most Recently, Sam has release three funny and motivational videos with Enterprise Media!

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A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn
Part of the Sam Glenn Series Sam Glenn uses humor and motivational stories to give you and your entire team a positive Kick in the Attitude in this award winning, funny and inspirational video.
Part of the Sam Glenn DVD Series Let’s face it, we can all benefit from a positive attitude. In fact, we can all use a good “Kick In The Attitude” now and then. But how do you do it? Well, Sam Glenn has the answer – and you’ll laugh as you learn in this humorous and motivational video. We cannot con... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail with Sam Glenn
Part of the Sam Glenn Series Sam Glenn gives you tools to overcome challenges in this funny and motivational video. Laugh as you and your team learn tools to navigate through change.
Part of the Sam Glenn video and Online Training & Motivaitonal Series Let’s face it, change is happening all around us and we all know that change can be very difficult for people to navigate. So how do you and your team manage change? How can you cope? When Sam Glenn speaks about change, he uses th... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Who Put a Lizard in my Lasagna? with Sam Glenn
Part of the Sam Glenn Series Learn how to bring the best of yourself to every interaction you have with customers and coworkers in the funny and motivational video hosted by Sam Glenn.
Part of the Sam Glenn DVD  and Online Training Series Imagine going to your job every day with a big smile on your face and being excited to be there! Well, the Lizard Philosophy will help make that positive attitude happen! More importantly it will improve customer service and employee satisfaction... read more
Featured Programs DVD style course with completion certificate only