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Finding Untapped Growth in Existing Markets
Stanford Executive Briefings James Hollingshead, PhD Senior Partner, Monitor Group
James Hollingshead, PhD Senior Partner, Monitor Group You’re under constant pressure to grow, but it’s tough to find new avenues of growth within existing lines of business. Fortunately, growth is available in almost every market if you look for it in the right way. Finding Untapped Growth in Existi... read more
TRAPPED! How to Escape the Sameness Trap with Tom Peters
Tom Peters presents his ideas on how to make your product and company stand out from your competition.  Learn about the importance of design, the internet, brands, women, and more.
Over the past 15 years, quality and service have gotten better - so much better that consumers often can’t tell the difference between competing products. So what can you do to escape this "sameness trap?" How do you delight, dazzle, differentiate? Tom Peters presents five concrete steps for being d... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only